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1. ABGC Records Usage

This page aims to assist in using the ABGC records website.

2. Growers

The Growers section is the landing page for all growers who sign in via the website (and not the app). It can be also navigated to by using the header at the top of the page.

2.1. Business Setup

In order for the growers to start recording using the app they must have at least one business, farm and block. To do this they will need to head into the Growers section and click the Business & Farm Management button, followed by the Create Business button.
Alternatively, Growers who are not assigned to at least one business will receive a notice and shortcut link to begin setting one up.

You should now be at the Setup a business page. Here is where the grower must enter their business data, and once happy they can proceed with adding their farms using the buttons provided.

2.2. Farm Setup

The ’Setup a farm‘ page can be accessed after creating a business, as well as from the farm list via the business list. This page is similar to the Setup a business page, requiring simple data entry.

2.3. Farm Block Management

The Farm Block Management page is a mapping tool that allows creating and editing of a farm block. You will be directed to this page whenever you need to create or edit a block.

2.3.1. Farm Block Management - Plotting a new block

To begin creating a new block you must first click on the [New +] button beside "Farm blocks" in the left pane to ensure the map knows it's about to start plotting a new block.
You should now notice that your cursor changes to a cross hair while hovering the map.
This now means you can start mapping the farms blocks by using the map and panning to the particular farm location. Once you have found the block you wish to create you can then start creating an outline/polygon by right clicking on the map to create the points. Each point will be represented by a marker which can be dragged around so you can adjust its position.
Depending on your preference, Google provides a Satellite view which you may use to assist in creating the block.
You should also notice that after 3 points a coloured polygon will appear; this is used to show the area that you are including for the block.

2.3.2. Farm Block Management - Saving a block

Once you have finished plotting your block you should have a outlined block that is similar to the following demo image:

Additionally if the system is happy your [Create Block] button will also be active, and so you must now click it so you can enter some additional details for the block.
After you are happy with the details you can go ahead and save it, and if everything was a success you should notice that the system will refresh the block list in the left pane. That is all there is to creating a new block, and similarly, editing is the exact same process.
Note: Ensure you now follow on with Administration functions to complete the app preparation.

3. App (Mobile/Web)

This section is dedicated for using the mobile application.

3.1. App setup

In order for a user to use the app they must have at least one business that is APPROVED and has at least one farm and block associated.
Instructions for this is outlined above in the Growers section.

3.2. Web version

To access the web version of the app use the following url:

3.3. Syncing

Currently we are still working on the manual sync button, but if you have added or edited a record you will see the following notice at the main menu of the app; clicking this notice will start the sync process.

However, if you are having sync issues please inform us, and if you are absolutely certain plus some that all your data is already on the server you may click the menu button at the top left of the main menu which will show a side bar with a "Clear Local Storage" button. Clicking this will wipe everything related to the app on the device, regardless of the user! (so be careful).
If the sync problem persists please let us know that you tried this method as well.

4. Reporting

This section is to guide you though how to find, generate and export system reports.

4.1. Report list

From the Growers section click the [Reports] button in order to view reports that are available to you.

4.2. Freshcare

The Freshcare report page is available to you as a button via the Reports section. This page will allow you to select the particular business, farm & date to generate a report for a 12 month period.
Once you have entered the relevant information you can click the [Update] button and view the results in the grid.

Additionally you can alter what kind of information is shown in the report by using the checkboxes in the 'Contents' panel to the left of the grid.

Exporting the freshcare report

If you require to export your Freshcare report you can use the [Export] button to the right of the page in order to get the data viewable in an Excel spreadsheet.

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